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Fucking Grammar Mug | You’re – You Fucking Are

Buy the fucking grammar mug - you're a fucking idiot online.

You’re A Fucking Idiot Mug, Correct Their Grammar With Humor, Expletive mug, (11 oz) √ I OFFER 2 SIZES to choose from! 15 oz is much LARGER then most others sold and 11 oz perfect for that morning cup! √ Check out all the other

Chuck Norris Facts: Bell invents phone misses Norris’ call

Alexander Graham Bell - Chuck Norris - telephone.

Chuck Norris Facts Sharks brag about Chuck Norris bite scars. Chuck Norris can swim through land. Chuck Norris once had a bet with Superman, the loser had to start wearing their underwear on the outside. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he had three

Find a musician in Europe for your party

We found this great site based in Germany for people searching for entertainment for parties, events, shows, weddings, etc. If you live in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and others, then this website is for you. It is called Musiker Finden (find

Online college degree

If it is time to get it in gear and take control of your future, then you have landed at the right page.  Get a college degree or certification online.  We make it easy and fast to get ahead in life. Use our links to

Collapse of Parenting: We Hurt Kids Treating them Like Grown-Ups

Collapse of parenting:  Family physician, psychologist and author Leonard Sax wants parents to know that they are “raising kids wrong.” The author of “Boys Adrift” and “Girls on the Edge” has written a new book, “The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt our Kids when

Welcome to the new OptiMet.net!

We have totally redesigned our website for an easier navigation.  Our information has been found useful to users for over 10 years and now we have updated the site to make the info easier to find!  Surf around, leave a message and become a contributing member here at our site.  Click the “Register” link.  It is FREE!