Do you ever look at a site and think,
"Why do they always ask me to use Internet Explorer?"  Here's why.

AOL Internet User Information.

If you are like a lot of people, you use AOL for internet access.  I have had 229,685 unique visitors to this month and 30.4% were from AOL servers.  Is it possible that they are all using the AOL browser?  How many of those users don't even realize that they can still use a different browser and email program even whilst using AOL as an internet service provider (ONLY as an internet service provider)?

These are questions that horrify webmasters.  The AOL browser, though a quality product for new users, does not display web pages anywhere near as well as the established browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera...).  Do you ever look at a site and think, "Why do they always ask me to use Internet Explorer?"  Its because of the AOL users, mostly.  When you use this Internet Service Provider, they give you a start window and tell you to sign up for email and instant messaging and a whole bunch of other (pardon my french [pardon to the French]) shit.  This window is mostly taken up with other AOL functions.  When you use the AOL browser to surf the net, you are not really seeing the web at its best.  They get you accustomed to seeing their AOL advertisements (things they call services) and make you think you have to look at websites using their tiny window.  They take your "window to the internet" and condense it because you have to look at their stuff.  You are seeing the AOL stuff (ads) just fine, but have to scroll from side to side and up and down when you're actually looking at what you want to see (the websites).
If you want to use your AOL screen for your email address (there are many better options), fine.  BUT... please don't use the AOL browser to look at my site.

Here is the most important thing if you use AOL:

You may use any other browser or email program that you would like and still use AOL as an ISP.  Once you sign on,  close all the miscellaneous little windows.  The one major window (containing your logon info) can be minimized (using this little button in the upper right hand corner of your screen The "Minimize" Button!), showing your desktop.  Just start any browser now.  There is probably an icon for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on your desktop.  If not, use your start button and surf through programs to find your browsers.  USE THEM!  DON'T USE THE AOL BROWSER!

Webmasters assume (mostly) that you are using a window of about 800X600 pixels and text size around medium.  Therefore, we design our sites to look good at that size.  Learn how to set your screen size here.

We design our sites to be of help to you.  We design them to look good to every browser.  We want you to see our site the way we designed it.  Use a browser (NOT AOL) and set it at 800X600 pixels.  Click here for more about that.

Hmm...  There's my rant.  I don't know where you came from so I'll just give you this search box from Overture.  -->  Not the best search engine but they do pay me two cents every time someone uses this box.  Please use it a lot!
Google   ;~)

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