Devoted Husband Designs ‘Tank Wheelchair’ For Wife So She Won’t Miss Out On Family Activities

It has been 19 years since a car collision left Liz Soden paralyzed from the waist down – but thanks to her loving husband, she is not lacking very much in mobility.

Instead of agreeing to leave his wife behind for their family hiking trips, Brad Soden resolved to build an all-terrain wheelchair.

Brad, who has no college degree or formal engineering training, was told by dozens of engineers that his dream was impossible. After spending several years and “a bunch of beer” on a prototype, however, he created the TankChair.

The TankChair uses treads instead of wheels to cross sand, mud, snow, and rocky terrain.

Since he perfected the design in 2005, Brad has sold dozens of TankChairs to disabled individuals around the world.

“Money does not drive me,” the veteran told Bloomberg. “It’s all about the smiles on people’s faces and all the families I’ve helped.”

(WATCH the video below)

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