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There are so many things that we, as webmasters, need to know in order to have a successful website.  Is yours a personal site with a few photos of your family and stories of your last vacation?  If so, you probably don’t care whether you get a lot of traffic and this site may not be of much use.  If, however, you’re trying to sell something or to get some important message to millions of people on the internet, you’ll find my site invaluable.  I have found (through years of web designing) that there are several important factors to getting traffic from Search Engines and Search Indexes as well as another, far more reliable, better traffic source.  I think I’ve finally got the hang of it and would love to share what I have learned with you, my fellow web designers.

It will take months, not days, but your ranking will rise.

Webmasters, use this site and fix your tags.  I sometimes index  over 500 sites per day.  My biggest headache in doing this is fixing everyone’s meta tags so that they make sense within my directories.  I like each site that is listed in my indexes to, at least, have title and description lines.  (Title and description within my index are simply your title and description meta tags.)  Ever wonder why your listing doesn’t look so good at Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo?  You should not leave this site ’til you know why!   They will index your site and leave it on the 100th page of results and no one will see it.  Usually just because you are lacking the two simplest things.   In particular, <title> and <description> tags.  These are IMPORTANT!!  Please, make my job easier.  Use this site.  Click here to learn about using meta tags on your site.

More in depth traffic information? And more below!

What are search engines looking for?  How do they rank my site?

How do search engine robots travel?  Find out and use what you know!

Will search engines really send me lots of traffic?  You may be surprised!

Market Your Website by Creating a Web Presence. (4 Parts)

Asking for a reciprocal link.  The basics about the best way to get traffic.

Using link popularity to your benefit.  Learn about it here!

   Website Promotion Links!  

Do you have questions that are not answered here at OptiMet.net?  Please let me know.  In return for a useful suggestion, I will analyze your site for free.  I really appreciate your feed back.  How can I make this site more navigable?  Send me an email:  info@optimet.net .

Optimizing web pages for search engine placement and effective internet marketing.  We cover website promotion, meta tags & keyword density. Webmasters will find the best advice and proven high internet (net) traffic strategies.

Learn about search engine submission and readying your website for search engines placement.  Learn some secrets behind website marketing, web site promotion, the most important meta tag and all the meta tags.  We’re going to talk about keyword choice, keywords, choosing the best keywords and web design.  Strategic web site design is covered in great detail as well as strategic advertising.  Web marketing and internet marketing with net ad & net ads.  Webmaster resources and webmaster information is here for help and helping beginner designers and beginners in internet promotions.  Promotions changing and you must optimize (optimise).  Optimization (optimisation) is the only way to build great websites with solid designs.  Every optimizing meta tag question will be answered.  Head tag technology and information abound.  Looking for it jobs?  Information Technology (it) and everything to do with computer technology is always growing.  Get answers from our q & a message board.  We get into html pages, htm pages, .com’s on the internet about advert (adverts.)

Did you find us on a search engine or search index?  Is it because you were looking for tips and information about getting more traffic from these search engines and search indexes?  Maybe you were looking for the best way to do meta tags or… the best way to configure your <head> tags.  Or, maybe you just want to increase search engine and search index traffic?  If you did, then you know that we know what we’re talking about!

Get great search engine listings.

My sites receive a bunch of great listings in the search engines.  Why?  Well, because I really take my time and do all the meta tags and I consider my keyword density when writing page text.  Use this site to get your own meta tags in order.  It is very important.  Be sure to think about incorporating lots of keywords from the keyword meta tag in your website’s website promotion page text.


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