• I found this on a Trinidadian fishing website so I am assuming that it is marine related.  Can anyone tell me what the heck it is, please?  Very creepy video.

  • I play tonight at Hanky Panky in Bielefeld, Germany. 9 PM.
    Ich spiele heute Abend im Hanky Panky in Bielefeld! 21 Uhr!

    “Heute live on Stage ” Ray Pasnen ” aus den USA.
    Der Mann weiß wie er eine Menschenmenge zum kochen bringt.”

  • Traveled down the road and back again…
    • @info Thank you for being a friend. (Now try to stop singing the Golden Girls theme song. 🙂
    • By Alice Park

      There are a slew of studies supporting the benefits of nuts in the diet, but since nuts are also high in calories, it can sometimes end up on the skip list of people trying to lose weight. Dr. […]

    • Here is a link to the music page on my website. Just in case anyone wants to listen to some free music!

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      Hi guys. I just logged in on the social login app with my Yahoo info. It works well!

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    • We are LinkedIn. I just successfully logged in through the social login app with my LinkedIn creds.

    • I have just logged in with the social API from Foursquare. Successful!

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