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    Together with the growing interest in movie and video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Google video etc a far more plus much more common requirement web users have is "How do I download and save Web Video to my computer?" or "How am i allowed to download web video to playback on my iPod?"

    A fast Search on the internet will give numerous sites offering Free Flv conversion, plus a host of ads offering paid software products which offer similar services.

    So which one fits your needs?

    Firstly the free site offerings. A few of these go about doing the job including directly typing in the URL from sites like YouTube and it will download and save it to your computer being a flv register for playback later. The primary disadvantage to a number of these sites is when then you definately would like to convert the flv file to an alternative format including MP4 on your Ipod you must get a paid form of the application that will undertake it in your case! However, if all you could should get is the downloaded flv file to playback on your desktop then several sites will met your preferences.

    You’ll be able to convert flv files in 3 basic steps:

    1. Enter the web video URL

    2. Choose your best output options

    3. Hit the "Convert" button

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