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    Apple recently unveiled its very latest product on the 27th of January 2010, called the iPad. It looks like well-designed version of this popular iPhone, Steve Jobs displayed the iPad at an event trapped in San Francisco. So what is the best thing about it? Well. It is powered by an Apple processor, referred to as the A4, as well as the most shocking prospect will be the price. The easiest technique to describe the iPad, is hold your iPhone in your hands and stretch it until all the sides has a 9.7" multi-touch display, get new plastic back with an aluminium cover, and you will have a iPad! Technology wise, this really is a lot more interesting. The iPad is powered by a 1Ghz Apple A4 chip, and will have a battery life of around ten hours, and includes all month’s price of standby your time.

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    The other 2 auctions for the quivers and arrows sold for an absolute of $80.00. So our initial $75.00 Investment at an antique store ended in $362.55 in sales. Which almost a $300.00 profit (minus gas and eBay fees of course).