Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right Now

Many people may find it impossible to ‘stick to the plan’ or ‘stay on the path’ if there is a lack of optimistism about the outcome.  Do you want to be more optimistic about your life and the path your are traveling? Leo Gura takes you on his trip to boost your optimism!  Watch the video!

Optimism – The one essential mindset you must cultivate to become a permanent optimistic thinker.

Video Summary: Optimism is a hopeful outlook for the future. A person’s degree of optimism is a critical determinant of an their success, according to the research of Dr. Martin Seligman. Dr Seligman found differences in how optimists and pessimists explain identical events, using his three categories of explanatory style: permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization. Permanence identifies whether the event is one that will be long-lasting or transitory. Pervasiveness identifies whether the event is limited or global to the individual’s life. Personalization identifies whether the individual assumes responsibility for the event, or attributes it to other factors. Optimists are more likely to find their problems to be temporary, limited, and not of their making. Pessimists, on the other hand, are more likely to think their problems are permanent, wide-ranging and preventable. Obviously it’s more pleasant to be an optimist than a pessimist. You can choose to be more optimistic. Periodically make a substantial but detailed list of up to thirty things to which you look forward. Or, make a shorter list every morning of the highlights you foresee in your day. Your level of optimism will likely improve through this simple but effective exercise.

SUMMARY – Optimism

Optimism is important for success because it gives you persistance. You cant be unsuccessful if you are super persistent.  How many things are you not trying because you think they won’t work for you?

Optimism also makes you feel better. Optimism is a hopeful outlook for the future. Bad outlook makes you afraid and depressed. Optimistic people give happenings different meanings.

Three types of explenation:

Permanence – how permanent is the problem? Will the problem last forever? For the pessimist the problem seems permanent If you see a problem as permanent you dont do anything against it The optimist sees the problem as little happening in his life

Pervasiveness – the optimist sees that there is only a little part of his life effected by the issue For the pessimist the issue spreads over his whole life like cancer

Personalization – the optimism says that he is not reaponsible for bad things but sees good things that happen as his work. This makes you want to go out and achieve things

The pessimist blames himself for bad things and is humbling good things

How optimistic are you about your future? How excited are you about the next month, year, decade?

Exercise: optimism can be stoked up. Take your journal and write down thirty things that you are most excited about in the next you gonna do. Things that motivate you. Notice how you feel while the exercise and afterwards.

Do this exercise once a week. You can do the exercise in the morning about what you are excited today.

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